Make Your Memories Last

March 18, 2015

What is most precious to people? For many, it is their cherished, golden memories. People should preserve such memories – for themselves, and for future generations.

Unfortunately, besides being precious, such memories also are ethereal. In a second they can vanish, like wisps of autumn smoke at dusk, thereafter lost for all time.

Even more precious are the venerable seniors who have remarkable stories to tell, and who should tell them while they still can.

Preserve Your Heritage

It is vital to preserve your significant memories, a heritage of inestimable value for younger family members, as well as the generations yet to come. Think about it: For future descendants, you, as well as your elderly living relatives, will be the hallowed ancestors they will want to know all about.

A reliable way to capture these stories and memories is in print, either in a traditional publication format – for example, an extended, mini, or “snapshot” personal memoir or life story – or via Internet platforms. Audio and video represent other viable memoir format options. Additional attractive alternatives: online memoirs and “cyber” biographies that are always accessible and exist forever.

Whatever the medium, however, it’s important to quickly record and publish these important stories – bona fide mental heirlooms – before they vanish. Thus, people should take immediate steps to preserve and protect what in the end is their most valuable yet vulnerable capital – their fondest memories, recollections, and reminiscences.

Your memories are true treasures, the endearing – and hopefully, enduring – stories of lives well lived. As such, they are priceless, a gift for the ages. Don’t lose them.

Take Action – While Time Remains to Do So

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Memories are fleeting dreams. Catch them before they fade forever.

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